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Wellbeing is literally how well we are in our being.  Ideally we would be in a state of equilibrium where the body, mind and spirit are functioning optimally to allow us to feel healthy, vibrant and present.

More commonly however we are in a state of flux working towards that equilibrium.  Our internal, personal wellbeing includes our physical fitness and our daily regime, our nutritional awareness and daily diet,  our mental and emotional bodies and the practices we do to realise the health of these.

Our external wellbeing is our connection to the environment, for without a healthy planet how can we eat fresh food, breathe clean air and live without pollutants in or on our bodies.

Our internal and external wellbeing are deeply intertwined.


6 Benefits of – Abdominal Breathing

The Benefits of Abdominal Breathing. Abdominal breathing regenerates our cells and organs It reduces stress in the body It maintains our blood PH levels It positively influences our heart rate It reduces inflammation in the body And it improves our mental clarity Breath is life. Historically breath is what gives us our soul and spirit but we also know it to quite literally sustains life.  Western medical research has shown that our overall health is directly related to how we breathe, and the strength and vitality of the body is maintained through the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide on a cellular level. Breathing occurs automatically based upon the metabolic demands of the body.  There are two types of breathing recognised by western medicine; Thoracic and Abdominal. Thoracic [...]

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Wise up – monthly wellness topics

Bayer buying Monsanto to form the largest pesticide and seed company in the world. If you have heard of Monstanto you will know that they have monopolised the genetically modified seed production market for years, they do not have good press if you dig a little deeper.  In an on line letter to European Competition Commisioner Margrethe Vestagerhad more than 1 million people have signed a petition opposing the deal of Bayer acquiring Monsanto,  Reuters reports, which will reportedly hurt innovation and competition and push up prices, and make this new company the largest and therefore the most dominant influencer of seed production in the world. A merged Bayer and Monsanto would control more than a quarter of the global market for seeds and pesticides "and lock farmers ever tighter into [...]

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How to do – Balasana

Balasana - Childs Pose Kneeling with the top of the feet on the ground, bring the sit bones towards the heels and lower the body over the thighs, extending the arms forward and lowering the head down. Correct version Healing benefits Contraindications Modified version  

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